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This article is aiming to help Unreal Blueprint learners (especially who don’t come from a professional coding background) to better understand pure functions and avoid making mistake around it.

What Unreal’s documentation tells you and doesn’t tell you

In a Blueprint, you can check the Pure checkbox of a function to make the function pure:

Pure functions don’t have executive pins, and it will be automatically executed when their output data is required:

If you are learning Unreal Blueprint, you’ve heard about macros and functions but feel confused about them, this is the article for you. You might find this article more helpful if you come from a non-tech background just like me.

Macros vs. Functions

Let’s see what Unreal’s document said:

Macros take the nodes from the macro graph, and actually replace the macro node with a copy of all those nodes.

— — From Blueprint Best Practices

So, macros are just COPY & PASTE! That’s all!

But do you really understand what this means? Here I got an interesting example for you.

I made…

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